BAAI encourages scientists to explore “no man’s land”, to take on the most foundational and challenging problems, to promote revolutionary or disruptive breakthroughs in AI theories, methodologies, tools, systems and applications. BAAI is committed to foster the best academic and technological innovation ecosystem, and to build Beijing to a leading global AI innovation center by contributing academic thoughts, foundational theories, top talents, enterprise innovation and development policies. BAAI also provides fundamental support to AI industry development and AI applications to improve people’s life, and to promote sustainable development of the human beings, environment and intelligence.

Organization Structure


Academic Advisory Committee

Management Team

Foster An Open and Vibrant Innovative Ecosystem

Centered around leading AI scholars

Attract world top AI scientists

Build an international, dynamic and influential research community.

BAAI Scholars Program

BAAI supports researchers to solve the most basic and most important problems of AI development. The “BAAI Scholars Program”, which funds researchers from universities, research institutes, and enterprises, focuses on the original innovations and core technologies of AI.

The Mathematical Foundations of AI

Machine Learning

Intelligent Information Retrieval and Mining

Intelligent Architecture and Chips

Natural Language Processing

BAAI Young Scientists

Research Center for Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Security

Beijing AI Principles – 15 consensuses to guide AI R&D, deployment,
governance, and industry at large

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Research Center for Open Data

Aims for sharing artificial intelligence datasets and promoting the
establishment of open data standards

Joint AI Laboratories

BAAI-Megvii Joint Lab on AI Model Design and Image Sensing
BAAI-JD Joint Lab on Multimodal Intelligent Dialogue

BAAI Community

The BAAI Community, an online and offline science hub, is a
highly collaborative place for simulating ideas and innovation.

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